Monday, September 13, 2010

Sigh, tonight at work

R (co-worker at retail) really has some issues.

Last Thursday she forgot to change the date on the RF unit and so it was showing the sale sign information for that day instead of the next day. She scanned menswear, then remarked to me that none of her sale signs changed. I asked her if she had changed the date to tomorrow's date. R said... "Oh... s***!" Thankfully she only had a small portion of mens so it wasn't too bad.

Today when we started I reminded her about changing the date on the walkies we use at work.



She left up the expired sale signs on what she scanned today. I asked P (store supervisor) if he heard me remind her. He said he did. Good. I reminded her so that this in no way my fault that the newbie screwed up again.

Oh and P and R had this little exchange...

R, going past P: "How are you today, B."
P was busy looking down at her RF and didn't reply. So R asks her again.
P looks up and responds. "I wouldn't know how B is doing."
R; "Why wouldn't you know how you are doing?"
P, "I'm not B."
R "Well, then who are you today?"
P, "Same person everyday; I'm P."
R, "Oh...."

I find that with R, you have to break stuff down as into as simple bits as possible. Showing her works sometimes. And a *lot* of times she gives you this blank look when you are explaining something to her. She'll say "Okay" when you ask her if she got it. Then later you find out she didn't understand what you were trying to tell her. If you don't understand me, let me know, dagnabbit!

J (our new supervisor) said whatever she's on, he wants some. lol!

The darned thing is that one of the supervisors really likes her and when we've complained about R having problems doing the job, she will get after us and remind us that Ad Set is a team and we have to help each other. But we spend an hour or more fixing her mistakes.

Sigh... I'm frustrated... I want a new job.

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