Friday, October 8, 2010

Cool deal at Dick Blick

(And why does that sound like it could be the title for a porn film?)

If you like Derwent Inktense pencils or you've been wanting to try them check out this listing.

The pack of 24 is only $26.32, plus it comes with a four pack of Winsor & Newton brushes. They are the smaller brushes, but they're not eeny little ones only a miniaturist could use. There was a size 1 rigger, a short flat, and two rounds, a 1 and a 5. Plus the Inktense set came with a small 4 1/2 by 6 inch sketchbook attached. All that for about $30.00!

*gives high sqee*

Sorry, it's just that I've been wanting the 24 set of Inktense pencils and they've been going for almost $20 on eBay. So I figured at that price I might as well buy from Dick Blick (porn star in a previous life?) and pay a little extra for shipping to get the free gift. I didn't expect to get a sketchbook as well.

Anyway if y'all know any art supply addicts pass the word. I'm thinking of ordering another set for a friend's daughter. I got her a set of 24 watercolor pencils for 5.88 (eBay) and a set of 24 Graphitint (Michael's clearance; was 54.99, priced down to 7.99)

Now I don't know what to do with my gently used Inktense pencils. Maybe sell them on Etsy for shipping cost only?

Actually Etsy won't let you do that, you have to charge for what it would cost to ship, and put shipping down as 'free'.

Found that out from someone who sells off her scrap watercolor paper. (I think her shop does graphics and scrap booking printed stuff.) She ends up with these rectangular scraps after cutting down her 22x30 sheets so she 'sells' them for shipping only on Etsy.

They actually sell too. A lot faster than other supplies.

Anyway if y'all know any other arty types let them know about the Inktense pencils in case they want some.

Edit: The person selling the watercolor cutting blanks is Orange Art Cat. Orange Art Cat does art photography and prints on the watercolor paper.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Paper Makeup Stamps Release Party

If you're into stamping, this place has a lot of neat stuff.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stamp sets sale for Ethan's Rodeo

Alicia is selling stamp sets to help raise money for neuroblastoma research, specifically NB Alliance. Read more here (including about her son Ethan whom died in June 2009 from neuroblastoma cancer.

NB Alliance

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sigh, tonight at work

R (co-worker at retail) really has some issues.

Last Thursday she forgot to change the date on the RF unit and so it was showing the sale sign information for that day instead of the next day. She scanned menswear, then remarked to me that none of her sale signs changed. I asked her if she had changed the date to tomorrow's date. R said... "Oh... s***!" Thankfully she only had a small portion of mens so it wasn't too bad.

Today when we started I reminded her about changing the date on the walkies we use at work.



She left up the expired sale signs on what she scanned today. I asked P (store supervisor) if he heard me remind her. He said he did. Good. I reminded her so that this in no way my fault that the newbie screwed up again.

Oh and P and R had this little exchange...

R, going past P: "How are you today, B."
P was busy looking down at her RF and didn't reply. So R asks her again.
P looks up and responds. "I wouldn't know how B is doing."
R; "Why wouldn't you know how you are doing?"
P, "I'm not B."
R "Well, then who are you today?"
P, "Same person everyday; I'm P."
R, "Oh...."

I find that with R, you have to break stuff down as into as simple bits as possible. Showing her works sometimes. And a *lot* of times she gives you this blank look when you are explaining something to her. She'll say "Okay" when you ask her if she got it. Then later you find out she didn't understand what you were trying to tell her. If you don't understand me, let me know, dagnabbit!

J (our new supervisor) said whatever she's on, he wants some. lol!

The darned thing is that one of the supervisors really likes her and when we've complained about R having problems doing the job, she will get after us and remind us that Ad Set is a team and we have to help each other. But we spend an hour or more fixing her mistakes.

Sigh... I'm frustrated... I want a new job.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wow dog

Cool dog! And hey, she made Simon smile. Is that wow or what. (Isn't that guy supposed to be always bitter or something.


i now haz a happi

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pit Bull adopts kittens

Not very good quality vid, but so cute.

Poor kittens are going to have one hell of an identity crisis when they grow up; they might think they are dogs. lol

This is also too cute

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Signal Boost for Usullusa

I don't kow Usullusa other than what Spark in Darkness has posted on his LJ.

Anyway... snipped from Sparky's LJ...

Usullusa is going through several kinds of hell after coming out to the family. Parents have not taken it well and are making life quite intolerable. All kinds of chaos and terrible sh**ness abound – I am so deeply sorry for them, no-one should have to endure this rollercoaster.

As detailed here ( usullusa is looking for part time work, casual work or otherwise in the NYC area, help bring some order out of the chaos.

If you or anyone you know in the NYC area can help please do.

Desperately needing a supervisor at my place of employment

One of my part time jobs has been without a supervisor for 6 months!

I was attempting to do the supervisor's job for a bit but I've given up now. It's just too hard to do both my job and the super's as well. Plus I'm not getting paid any extra to do that job. I am beginning to feel disgruntled and taken advantage of. I started doing the extra work with the anticipation that there would be a new supervisor soon. It's been six months and no new supervisor. I feel like the company has taken advantage of my good willingness to help out in a time of need.

So I've given up attempting to do it.

I mean how hard can it be to find a part time supervisor in this economy? I have the impression that they are not really trying to find a supervisor.

It's a part time position at a major retail company. If you want more information please contact me via email or private message.



Is that not a beautiful set? Perfect for watercoloring. But way beyond my budget.

Hmmm... now how would I make a set like this? I have a small VanGogh watercolor set. I'd need a strip of leather wide enough and long enough. I have never tried sewing on a buckle. Perhaps just a tie. Two buttons and a string to go around them?

How would one do the inside pockets? (As I don't have much sewing skill.) I love how one of the brushes was just cut to fit. Hmmm...maybe a wide elastic would be better at holding the pencil and brushes in place. And a small plastic palette would be lighter than the ceramic one. I like the eeny water bottle/flask near the watercolor pan box.

This is too funny

And now I keep hearing that line from Blackadder about groups of sinewy tough men roaming the Welsh countryside terrorizing folks with their close harmony singing.

But you should go watch this. I would pay money for this single.

Too funny!

And now I keep hearing that line from Blackadder about groups of sinewy tough men roaming the Welsh countryside terrorizing folks with their close harmony singing.

But you should go watch this. I would pay money for this single.

Doesn't anyone review easels today?

Some months back I was looking at Hobby Lobby's website and notice that no one had reviewed the art materials. So I went and left reviews on art materials I had used. Reviews are good for folks whom are just starting art and want to try to decide what to buy.

I was trying to find information on table top easels. I have found enough information that if I can find pre-1940s easels on eBay I should buy them.

I was trying to decide between a Winsor and Newton Arun table easel, and a Jullian Plein Air table easel. I'm not finding enough reviews to help me decide which one. Sigh...

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Both these easels are on eBay. The one deciding factor might be that the W&N is new, while the Jullian is an estate sale find. (So it's probably older and therefore might be better made.)